Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Specials, Special Orders, and Rest of the Week Menu

In addition to the usual original menu items, we are creating new specials daily! Some new specials have included quinoa, an ancient grain (like rice) that has complete proteins, is gluten free, and contains lots of iron and calcium. Today we featured a peanut sesame quinoa salad with bok choy, spinach, and celery- it sold out!

Below are some of the specials we have offered recently. Please feel free to comment and/or contact us with any suggestions or requests you'd like to see at the deli. 
-mexican rice wraps with bell peppers, corn, zucchini, and mildly spicy wrapped in a sundried tomato tortilla.
-vegan smashed red potatoes with dill, green onion, and garlic.
-black bean chili
-peanut sesame quinoa
-varieties of quinoa dishes
-thai peanut rice pilaf
-curry rice veggie burgers
-kale salad with lemon, olive oil, almonds, avocado, and dried cranberries.
-chicken salad lettuce wraps
-varieties of hummus
-pita pizzas
-parfaits with granola, yogurt, and housemade fruit salad with cinnamon.
-mediterranean platters
-banana nutella breakfast sandwiches

For the remainder of the week we will be offering the following usual menu items, in addition to new specials that will include eggplants, israeli couscous, and many other delicious items. 
Thursday: Greek Pasta, Curry Crab, Tabouli, Hummus, Summer Bows, Garden Rotelli, Pasta with Broccoli, Creamy Broccoli Salad, Garden Greens, Rice Pilaf, Saffron Rice. We always feature our famous chicken salad, tamales, and tuna salad. The soups for today will be Split Pea, Lentil, and Pinto Bean. Don't forget our sandwiches, wraps, and special salads.

Friday: Summer Bows, Oriental Pasta, Couscous, Indonesian Rice, Curry Crab, Tabouli, Garden Greens, Hummus, and of course chicken and tuna salad, tamales, and our daily soups. We also always have sandwiches, wraps, and wrap specials.

Special Orders, Take Out, Requests: Please feel free to call us or check our website and facebook for deli details. For large orders or special orders, please call us with minimum 2 days notice, and we will be happy to accommodate your request. You can call ahead to see what our specials are for the day, and we encourage you to call us to place an order- no matter how large or small. Gratuity is added to bulk orders for 10 people or more as well as orders over $25.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Deli Menu for Monday Feb 27th

*Arroz Ole- brown rice with mexican spices, bell peppers, and corn.
*Summer Bows- creamy bowtie noodles lightly seasoned with carrots, corn, green beans, and black olives.
*Pasta al Fresco- angel hair pasta dressed with white vinegar, honey, basil, mixed with onions and tomatoes.
*Greek Pasta- rotelli noodles dressed with spices, feta and parmesean cheese, mixed with shredded carrots, organic spinach, tomatoes, and black olives.
*Chicken Salad- creamy chicken salad with red grapes, celery, green onion, and sliced almonds.
*Tuna Salad- mixed with paprika, pickles, and celery.
*Garden Greens- organic spring mix, carrots, purple cabbage, with your choices of sprouts, cheese, tomato, cucumber, peppercinis, jalapeno. Choice of house vinaigrette, ranch, honey mustard, or bleu cheese.
*Veggie Tamales- 3 types of cornmeal, 7 veggies, served with new mexican red chile sauce. Great with cheese and pinto beans on top!
*Soups- split pea, lentil soup, pinto beans.
*Rice Pudding- creamy sweet rice with vanilla and cinnamon.
*Ask about our salad specials!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Under New Management... making a comeback!

The deli is still owned by the niece of the original owner from 32 years ago, but is now operated under new management, a new chef and cook, with all of the original passion... so spread the word and stop by for lunch!
While keeping with the original menu, the deli is now expanding daily specials, including many more vegan options.
Open Monday thru Friday from 8am-3pm, while serving lunch at (or before) 11am. We offer outside patio seating and speedy, healthy take-out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Season Deli MENU

In Season Deli patio seating. take out. catering. vegetarian. local.
480 - 731 - 5007 414 S. mill avenue #111 tempe, arizona 85281

~ monday thru friday 1030 am - 3pm ~
free 1-hour parking west of the deli in the hayden square garage

1/2 order: $3.50
Single: $5.75
Combo of 2: $6.75
Combo of 3: $7.99

Garden Greens
organic spring mix, carrots, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, and/or cheese
House Vinaigrette -- Ranch
Honey Mustard -- Bleu Cheese

Pasta Salads
Penne with Feta & Dill -- Artichoke Marinade
Greek Pasta -- Pasta  in the Sea -- Picnic Pasta -- Pesto Pasta al Fresco -- Summer Bows
Curry Crab -- Garden Rotelli -- Oriental Pasta Couscous -- Pasta with Broccoli

Rice Salads
Arroz Ole -- Saffron Rice -- Curry Rice
Rice Pilaf --Tabouli -- Indonesian Rice

Misc. Delicious Salads
Hummus -- Guacamole -- Fruit Salad    
Potato Salad -- Rice Pudding -- Hot Dishes    

SOUPS of the DAY
Always Vegan & Organic S $3.00   M $3.50   L $4.00

Split Pea -- Lentil -- Spicy Posole -- Pinto Bean
Black Bean Chili -- Gazpacho -- Potato Green Chile

*Inquire within for additional daily soup specials*

Handmade & vegan, with 3 varieties of cornmeal, 7 vegetables, sweet & savory spices,
topped with warm New Mexico red chile sauce.

1 tamale: $4.50
2 tamales: $7.50
add a small soup or half salad for $2.50
bulk orders with advanced notice: 1/2 dozen $20    1 dozen $32

$6.99 full       $4.99 half  
add a side salad or soup for $2
Chicken Salad -- Tuna Salad  --  Vegetarian -- Vegan     
Sandwich  Breads
whole wheat -- white -- pita
spinach -- sun dried tomato -- wheat

~by the scoop on a bed of greens~
1 scoop: $4.99
1 scoop and 1 side: $6.99
1 scoop and 2 sides: $7.99
each additional scoop: $3.50

side = small soup or 1/2 salad

*advanced notice required for special orders*
*20% gratuity added to large orders*

Under New Management!

Unsweetened Daily Brewed Iced Teas
S $1.75 M $2.00 L $2.25
green -- peach green -- herbal raspberry  
regular -- peach
Signature Honey Lemonades
S $2.50 M $2.75 L $3.00
regular -- strawberry -- cran raspberry
Soda, Juice, and Bottled Water

$4.50 /16oz
made to order with organic soymilk and
organic fruits of the day

Organic Coffee
$1.50 /12oz + 1 refill

Rice Pudding
S $3.00 M $3.50 L $4.00

Cookies & Pastries
check for flavors and availability
$ mkt


Extra Dressing $0.50
Pita Bread or Toast $1.00
Extra Cheese $0.50
Guacamole $1.00

In Season Deli is a local family business that has been serving proudly for over 30 years in the beautiful Mill Avenue Courtyard in Tempe, Arizona.  We specialize in fresh, healthy, from-scratch daily salads, offer an abundance of vegan dishes, use organics when possible, provide gluten-free options, and have a rotating menu with daily specials.